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Friday, February 22nd 2019

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Our work. What we've done, what we can do and who we've done it for... Print E-mail

As usual there’s a fair bit going on at The Media Practice. We’re currently building a social networking site with a difference due to be launched in May/June 2009 and we’re in the final stages of delivering a large legal services website. More on those exciting projects as soon as we can but there’s a vast portfolio of projects and activities we’ve undertaken over the past few years. Way too much to show in these pages but we’ve tried to show examples of some of the designs under each of the navigation headings so you get a good idea of the broad, real-world projects we’ve worked on.

montage of web projects from the media practice portfolio

Of course if there is something you are particularly interested in then just ask and we’ll put together a credentials presentation to illustrate that particular portfolio area.

A note from themediapractice on Pitching

I and the team have often been asked to pitch for new work. Our position on pitching is that we will always do a credentials pitch to prospective clients however we will generally decline to take part in no-fee creative pitches. It’s not that it devalues our effort or we have any other noble position to take here, we keep costs low with an efficient charging structure and we simply cannot afford to take on the overhead of unpaid work.

Thanks for considering us though. Tony Sobers

Client list - across all services
Abbey Site, Acumed, Agentcite, B7 Innovation, BNI-Meridian, Bridge Sheet Metal, BT, ChanceryFinancial,, Clickstream, Collins Benson Goldhill, Colourful Network, Corporate Telecom, Deen Financial Services, Delta Security, DigitalDeli, Distinctive Marketing, Envision-im, FairNet, FullSix, GEM Ltd, GfK, Graphic Aspects, Insight-Ex, JKRoofingSpecialists, JustDivorce, kitchenbuilders, LocalSkillSwap, LoraineEvans, Miche, Pink Accessories, PTBakery, Radical IT, RCSS, Sheen, Spiral Sun, Taste International, Tele Auditions, Total Data Management, Trident Financial Management, UK Property Bureau, ViViD Medianet, ViViD-AIMGroup, Workform, Xatis