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Friday, February 22nd 2019

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Interactive design, user experiences, user interface design each of the elements of the title have a distinct role to play in ensuring your digital and online media performs alongside the best examples it their classes. We have experience in all of these areas and can explain why you need a considered approach to each of them.

Interactive design
DigitalDeli interactive design - user expericence docsInteractive design is about the gathering ordering and presenting of information in a way that makes sense the user. Whether you’re creating a shop or an information site you’d ask questions like; What’s the logical way to group the information? How should content be categorised? Should we use industry language or lay terms in the site copy? How do you order the information to ensure users understand the content and context? Of course you can build a website without going through a detailed interactive design process like this but the more information you have the harder it will be for users to find and the less useful the site will be.

We start the interactive design by looking at the business aims and performance requirements alongside the customer needs to create an information structure that intelligently caters for all. Whatever approach we take the outcome will be a simplified, clear approach to your website design and content.

Clients: GfK-NOP – Internal communications project, BT convergent communications tools, Digital Deli – concept workshop, site strategy and design outline

User experience
BT user experience strategy designsWhen we talk about user experiences in the online space we’re describing how to ensure your communication stays in tune with your audience. That means no silly diversions on a serious business site, the correct use of brand elements and language that stays in tune with the expected tone. It also means ensuring the site provides intelligent responses, timely feedback, clear information, easy access and all the other things that make the difference between a site you treat as your benchmark and the one that becomes the last resort.

Clients: BT, GfK-NOP, FullSix, ViViD medianet

User interface design
GfK user interface design layoutsYou’ve scoped the interactive design, benchmarked the user experience targets and now you’re onto the fun bit; what’s it look like? User interface design is as it says in the title about designing the user interface, the buttons users click, the layouts they’ll read and the typography they’ll adore. Too often clients think that this is where to start, actually it only works well if the foundation elements, the interactive design and user experience have been thought through properly.

Cllients: Loopy Lotto, BSMW, Colourful Networksto name but a few